Bakuna Mutata

How come you got the vaccine early?

“You can’t tell because I’m Asian but I am in fact 65 years old and senior citizens are put in the front of the line.”

No, seriously.

“I have gonorrhea in my head, a pre-existing condition.”

proof that god exists

I commented on a @cbsnews article about a woman who got out after spending 150 days in a hospital as a proof that god exists.

My 97 year old mom sees it and rightfully sermons me about god via her own comment. It’s sweet and really well written.

Thriving in the Texas Winter Chaos

How are you holding up in the cold?

Thanks for asking. We’re good. Electricity has been on and off since Sunday. They turn the power on just enough so we can cook, shower, heat the house a bit, and charge cell phones. We sleep with our jackets, beanies, and a couple of blankets.

Today is a lot better though. Power is on more than in the last 3 days and the weather is better. We’re in the 20s as opposed to Monday and Tuesday’s brutal -1 weather.

Statewide, were still fucked. Dallas is still snowed in and at a stand still. All the stores are closed, there’s no Covid-19 relief, and we still can’t figure out how to startup the power plants and stabilize the grid. Winterization is a bitch.

I am so glad I grew up in the 3rd world where people are used to surviving on the edge of civilization. It’s called abilidad – look it up.

Thriving in chaos,

PS – if you tell me to suck it up because it’s colder in Canada and New England, or some other fucked up frozen tundra then fuck you. It’s not the same.

Chucky is WANTED

sino kayang sutil ang gumawa nito?

The Texas Department of Public Safety has apologized for issuing an Amber Alert saying that Chucky, the killer doll from the “Child’s Play” horror films, was a kidnapping suspect.An Amber Alert sent to Texans last week warned that a child had been abducted by Chucky, a 28-year-old male with red or auburn hair and blue eyes who stands 3 feet 1 inch tall. His race was given as “Other: Doll.”