dark side of the moon


We used to play Side B of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon at the parties in Novaliches back in the day because you could slow dance with the girl of your dreams for over 15 minutes. Tigas titi time indeed.

I didn’t know why I liked this then but I just latched on to songs right away. I love it even more now because I learned about how the album was created and now understand the lyrics. It did help that David Gilmour played so fucking good.

The album cover is iconic. You see it in a rack and you immediately grin from ear to ear because you know right away what it is.


running on empty

running on empty jackson browne
Jackson Browne’s Running on Empty – recorded live in the 70’s in hotels, vans and concert halls across the US.

I owned the LP, then the tape, then the CD, then the Surround Sound 5.1 special edition and then the digital MP3. this album has been with me all through my growing up years. I still play it heavily to this day.



the beatles revolver and rubber soul are my personal favorites. this is the time when “love me do” turned into “norwegian wood” – the beatles were at the height of their songwriting power and were creating songs that were deep but catchy pop.

claus voorman, a friend from their hamburg days, designed the album cover. blew my mind, the first time I saw it. i was only 4 years old.

A rabble rousing mission

august 1, 2016. today is a personal milestone.

it’s my 15th year anniversary at (INSERT COMPANY NAME HERE) and the longest that I have been employed in any one organization. what can I say, I love what I do.

more than that though, today marks the 15th year that I’ve been an overseas filipino. many things have changed but 2 countries, 6 house moves, 8 job functions and 1 citizenship change later, in my heart of hearts, I still am the rabble-rouser, subversive, troublemaker, loud, incendiary, provocateur, rebel kid.

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