Quarantune: My Poor Jerusalem

If you knew all that I knew, my poor Jerusalem
You’d see the truth, but you close your eyes
But you close your eyes
While you live, your troubles are many,
My poor Jerusalem
To conquer death, you only had to die
You only had to die

I’ve told the truth, I didn’t come to fool you

last night’s #SNL opening was epic in so many levels. first, it was a tribute to #LeonardCohen who passed away this week and what a way to calm a fearful nation with a song that’s ambiguous but hopeful. finally, i have to say, #KateMcKinnon has the fucking chops.

I did my best, it wasn’t much
I couldn’t feel, so I tried to touch
I’ve told the truth, I didn’t come to fool you
And even though it all went wrong
I’ll stand before the Lord of Song
With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

here’s my take 🙂

running on empty

running on empty jackson browne
Jackson Browne’s Running on Empty – recorded live in the 70’s in hotels, vans and concert halls across the US.

I owned the LP, then the tape, then the CD, then the Surround Sound 5.1 special edition and then the digital MP3. this album has been with me all through my growing up years. I still play it heavily to this day.



the beatles revolver and rubber soul are my personal favorites. this is the time when “love me do” turned into “norwegian wood” – the beatles were at the height of their songwriting power and were creating songs that were deep but catchy pop.

claus voorman, a friend from their hamburg days, designed the album cover. blew my mind, the first time I saw it. i was only 4 years old.

Lampano Alley at the International Blues Challenge 2016

The official HD vidoes of Lampano Alley during the ‪#‎IBC2016‬

  1. Semifinals at Wet Willies: http://bit.ly/1X92mZL
  2. Flynn’s Elimination Round Set 2: http://bit.ly/1KvtX5l
  3. Flynn’s Elimination Round Set 1: http://bit.ly/1KvtKz8
  4. Gerry Lee Lewis’, Jan 26 2016: http://bit.ly/1RUI6eJ
  5. BB Kings, Jan 29 2016: https://youtu.be/_6Sado9yrk8