what i do

This is why I love Barcelona: they use our products. But seriously, I love to be working for a company that develops smart city solutions that help large urban areas like the City of Barcelona have safe water – think Flint, Michigan and you’ll know what I mean.
I’ve been asked many times by friends and relatives what I do for a living and have found it hard to articulate it during small talk in a way that would be interesting and not too technical. Mom, this is what I do.
Enjoy the video. If you look intently, you might find me in a Hitchcock/Stan Lee kind of cameo 🙂

A rabble rousing mission

august 1, 2016. today is a personal milestone.

it’s my 15th year anniversary at (INSERT COMPANY NAME HERE) and the longest that I have been employed in any one organization. what can I say, I love what I do.

more than that though, today marks the 15th year that I’ve been an overseas filipino. many things have changed but 2 countries, 6 house moves, 8 job functions and 1 citizenship change later, in my heart of hearts, I still am the rabble-rouser, subversive, troublemaker, loud, incendiary, provocateur, rebel kid.

‪#‎OFW‬ ‪#‎Pinoy‬ ‪#‎StrangerInAStrangeLand


i am left handed, living in a right handed world. to this day, i write in a very awkward angle, still trying to compensate to the invisible right handed desk that i used in school many years ago.

in hindsight, i’m really glad i’m left handed. i think it’s made me stronger and more flexible. i know i’m able to function properly in a world that wasn’t made for me


pag namatay ako, ayoko naman ng drive thru viewing. ayoko rin ng drive by viewing. actually, ayoko ng kahit na anong viewing. itapon na lang agad ang katawan ko sa crematorium at ihagis ang abo ko sa pacific ocean. tapos magkantahan na lang sa bahay para masaya.

wala nang burol. gastos lang ito sa biscuit at kape, ang dami pang mapupuyat.


mahigit $100 ang binayad ko sa co-pay ng gamot. tangina, dumating na ata ako sa stage ng buhay ko na mas malaki na ang binabayad ko sa pag gamot ng chronic illness. nakikinita ko na ang susunod: falling teeth, old man smell, hollow bones, bwakang inang aches and pains sa parte ng katawan kong hindi ko alam existed.

pero isa lang sinisiguro ko: i will not go gently into that madapaking night.