Iyak ng Sanggol Blues

madilim nung gabing iyon, mang boy. lingon sa kaliwa. lingon sa kanan. walang tao. doon niya naisipang umihi sa pader. malapit na siyang matapos nung bigla siyang ginulat ni solomon. napasigaw tuloy siya na parang bagong panganak na sanggol

out of the night that covers me

her name is “Ginhawa”

her name is “Ginhawa” – it’s a filipino word deep in meaning: comfort, freedom from pain, freedom from want, solace, relief.

all these she provides in abundance. she raised six kids and an infinite number of grand kids and great grand kids. her house was a fortress from the world. she was strength and compassion personified. she loved her family so fiercely.

my uncle anas was in the merchant marines and sailed the world most of his adult life. ginhawa, tiang ging to all of us, stayed at home to take care of everyone and everything. she did it with devotion and love without condition.

my tiang ging passed away last week. today is her birthday. i celebrate it with fondness. i loved her. still do. forever | Samuel Sereno Simon SerenoLorenzo-Renee Sereno Jun Santiago Sereno PamilyaMatulis