Train Signs, Tokyo January 2009

mga kahulugan ng sign na ito na nakita ko sa train nung nasa tokyo ako last week:

1. paupuin yung babaeng may batang nakahawak sa suso niya
2. paupuin yung may malalaking tiyan na kumikislap
3. paupuin yung may baston na nakatusok sa hita
4. paupuin yung naka medyas na puti na may saklay

26 thoughts on “Train Signs, Tokyo January 2009

  1. bakit nga ba yung no.3 ay hindi nakasandal?

    1. malamang nasaktan sa pagkakatusok ng baston sa hita.
    2. malamang na masakit ang tiyan at na-eebs
    2. pag ganyang kaso, yung upuan ay wala talagang sandalan

  2. naalala ko kapag sumasakay ako ng bus na puno ng sakay at may nakatayong babae, hindi ako nag ooffer ng seat sa babae unless matanda or disabled..kasi bakit sila sumakay gayong alam naman nila na puno ang bus at mag eexpect sila ng komportableng mauupuan..siguro depende pa rin sa sitwasyon…kapag hot chick, sige offer a seat…hehe

  3. Hi Batjay! I just discovered this site of yours today. All I can say is you are a very funny person and I loved reading all your entries here. 🙂

  4. hi! i frequently lurk here coz i find your blogs aliw. i’m de-lurking now to share an experience i had in singapore. we rode the train one time and it’s rush hour. i was carrying my baby (9 months old then) and this nice asian lady offered me her seat. yung companion nya (am not sure kung asawa or boyfriend) is a caucasian. aba nagalit ba naman! bakit daw ako pinaupo. she said, “that’s a mom with a baby. she needs the seat more than i do.” the guy argued with her, kesyo she’s too nice daw and a pushover. she said, “you mean you won’t give your seat up for a mother with a baby?” aba, hindi daw. kahit pa daw sa buntis. it was fascinating lang for me coz it’s a first hand experience on differences in culture. relatively, asians are nicer i guess.

    yun lang…back to lurk mode. 🙂

  5. hmmm…

    i would have expected the white guy to have been more compassionate but in every race there are the ones you’d like to kick in the butt. i remember, one of the local papers in singapore did a study of how people react to pregnant women in the mrt. they had a woman pose as pregnant and watched if the people in the train would stand up and let her sit. it turned out, many people don’t care.

    minsan naman sa train din, we saw a couple who just finshed shopping. the man was sitting down while his wife was standing up carrying all the shopping bags. they the left the train, unang bumaba yung lalaki tapos humahabol behind yung babae. yon naman cultural. may mga race kasi na tingin nila, hindi equal ang partnership ng marriage.

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