Celebrity Death Match

Ex-President Dubya VS The Pride of Talipapa… Let’s ready to rumble!

in the red corner… it’s ex-president Dubya Bush.

in the blue corner, it’s the pinoy sensation from Barrio Talipapa… The Slamming Pogi, BatJay “Bulitas ng Betlog” David!

the pride of talipapa is confident because of his height and reach advantage. he just smiles when dubya connects with a right cross.

but BatJay is in trouble as Dubya lands another hard right to the nose

and another uppercut to the face… BatJay is stunned.

OW, that must have hurt. it’s another hit to the face and this time it’s right between the eyes. Dubya is clearly ahead.

this is the last straw as Dubya connects with both left and right to BatJay’s left eye.

it’s a massacre and she can’t look.


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