nandidito na ulit ako sa singapore. balik daily grind. home to office. ride bus, ride train, walk to office. work, coffee break, work, lunch, work, coffee break, work, uwi. walk to train station, ride train, ride bus. office to home.

the first day at work after a trip is always hard. tinatamad akong magtrabaho at madali akong mapikon. gusto ko nang umuwi at mag shower, manood ng news, watch a movie, have dinner at makipagkulitan kay jet.

naiinip ako at kung ano-anong pumapasok sa isip ko: tick tock tick tock… alas singko na ba? ah matagal pa. tick tock tick tock… ayoko talaga ng office work, a desk job for me is like a death sentence. tick tock tick tock… mag resign na kaya ako? tick tock tick tock… ano kayang ginagawa ni jet ngayon? tick tock tick tock… teka muna, pag nag-resign ka ba, saan ka pupunta? tick tock tick tock… kamusta na kaya ang garden ko? tick tock tick tock… sa CHINA ka na lang magtrabaho, di ba may job offer ka doon? tick tock tick tock… bakit ba kanina pa kinakati ang siko ko? tick tock tick tock… may field work ka rin naman dito hindi ba? tick tock tick tock…putangina, gusto kong magbakasyon. pagod nako.

KRRRRRRRRRRRRING!!!! Coffee Break! Makayosi nga muna.

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