Medalyang Surfboard

ok ang takbo ko kanina sa huntington beach. 2 hours 11 minutes and 4 seconds: a new personal best for the Surf City Half Marathon. hindi na masama para sa isang middle aged diabetic pero kyut na pinoy na tumakbo ng 13.1 miles.

Bib: 6553
Gender: M, Age: 43
Hometown: Irvine, CA
Total time: 2:11:04
Pace: 10 min/mile
Overall: 4596 out of 10743
M 40-44: 372 out of 585

here’s a bit of observation on the race.

kung titignan yung overall results ng half marathon: nasa upper 50% ako ng mga nagtapos (ie, 4596th place out of 10743). pero pag tinignan mo yung results ng age bracket ok (40-44), i finished in the lower 50% (ie, 372nd place out of 585).

ano ibig sabihin nito?

21 thoughts on “Medalyang Surfboard

  1. Boss Batjay!

    I believe that “Not Bad” is an understatement.

    Like what you said, it was a personal best. It means you have outdone yourself in this race in comparison to the previous runs that you have.

    I guess this can be a benchmark for your future runs. =)

  2. ill just shut the crap up, if i were you!!! hahaha! want some pepper on that salty dick? lol!

    10min/mile! unkyel, you were hauling ass! congratulations on your new personal best! we are all proud of you!

  3. thanks mye. i was feeling good the last half mile and i sprinted to the finish. a wise person once told me: kick ass when you’re near the finish line.

    even i was amazed at the 10 min/mile pace. it was probably the positive vibe at huntington beach. a lot of people came out to cheer.

  4. sabi nga nila unkyel, to kick it in overdrive, give it all you got when you’re near the finish line. so what and when is your next marathon? i really miss CA.

  5. Siguro karamihan sa mga kano na tumakbo sa half marathon na nasa upper 50% between 40-44 yrs old eh pulos kakalbuhin kaya naman mas matutulin sila dahil aerodynamic mula noo hanggang bumbunan.

  6. hey papa rodge.

    gusto ko sana pero hindi ko kayang mag train para sa dalawang marathon.

    congrats nga pala – ok na ok yung finishing time mo sa san diego rock and roll.

  7. nttouck tlaga aku sanyo ni Jet.. =]

    soo happy! una aqng nainspire sanyo nung bumili ao ng libro mo. yung kwentong tambay,

    tapos nakarelate ako sa mga knwento mo about sa Singapore!hehe

    pero one thing na binanalik balikan ko is yung love story nyo ni ate Jet..

    answit swit nyo pa din tas mahal na mahal nyo ang each other..aww

    sana ganun din ako at future hubby koh! (kahit wala pa)

    eniweiz.. more power to you and Jet! *mwahugz!*

    bibisitahin ko na lagi tong site nyo! =]

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