Your old road is rapidly aging

naghihintay pa rin ako ng progress report tungkol sa nireklamo ko na racist employee ng philippine airlines. pagkatapos nilang sumagot doon sa mga una kong sulat ay bigla na lang tumahimik lahat. 7 weeks na ang nakakaraan at wala pa rin akong naririnig kung ano na ang nangyari doon sa bastos nilang empleyado sa los angeles international airport. nagtatrabaho rin ako sa isang customer oriented business kung saan ang responsiveness sa mga cliente ay importante kaya sensitive ako sumagot at umaksyon sa mga reklamo.

kung after 7 weeks ay wala pa rin silang reply, they are either really fucked up, just plain insensitive o kaya ay napikon dahil na feature sila sa article ni sassy sa manila standard tungkol sa reverse racism.

16 thoughts on “Your old road is rapidly aging

  1. wala na yan, himala na lang ni Harold kung maaksyunan pa yan within this lifetime….. ang masasabi ko na lang eh nakajetplane ang karma(bad karma for that kuPAL employee)

  2. tol,

    what did i tell you the first time you post it in your blog? exactly what junnie said, “like a form letter”. well, as i said before gusto man natin tangkilikin ang sariling atin kung puro KUPAL naman ang mga empleyado no choice but to look for another who can appreciate their clients. so next time you fly, i am sure PAL is out of the choices. keep cool brod!


  3. ewan ko, nahulog na nga siguro yung reklamo ko sa black hole ng PAL. pero hindi pa rin ako titigil – every week, papadalhan ko sila ng sulat hanggang mag marinig akong sagot.

  4. nice idea! sulatan mo sila weekly mala Shawshank Redemption. hehe. galing! hanggang magreply sila tapus sabihin na itigil mo na pagsesend ng letter!

  5. pagkatapos ng pitong linggo, sumagot na rin ang PAL:

    Date: Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 11:04 PM
    Subject: RE: Philippine Airlines


    Dear Mr. David,

    This is further to your email correspondence with Ms. Gigi Mediarito from our Corporate E-Business Department. Thank you for your patience in awaiting our reply. On behalf of Philippine Airlines, please allow us to reiterate our regrets and apologies for your reported incident. It saddens us to know that we have given you, our valued client, cause to complain.

    You are right in pointing out that our consideration for our services should be that which is convenient to our patrons. We certainly have taken note of your feedback regarding the handling of our contracted ground handler in Los Angeles. Allow us to assure you that we have since forwarded your feedback to the head of the office concerned for his necessary corrective action. Definitely, we, at Philippine Airlines, do not tolerate any acts of rudeness or discourtesy from any of our frontliners, whether they are PR staff or contracted ground handlers. All of whom are expected to give only the best to our passengers. Subject to the findings of the department’s concerned, disciplinary action will be implemented, if so warranted. Your having brought your experience to our attention is sincerely appreciated.

    Mr. David, we are sorry for this unfortunate incident and we wish to thank you for having given us the opportunity to communicate with you. Contrary to the turn of events, we hope for your continued support and patronage.

    Sincerely yours,

    Customer Management Officer

  6. Hmmm, mukhang lumilinaw naman ata. That is, kung madaling matukoy kung sino yung tao being referred to siguro. What if, marami pala sila nuon? Anyway, sana maiwasan na ang mga ganyang pangyayari.

  7. tol,

    did you noticed how ms. patricia n. garcia emphasized “contracted ground handlers” meaning that person in LAX is not an organic employee of PAL but probably some bum filam who works part time to pay the bills. in other words, not much concerned of PAL management. anyways, we know what to do next time we fly, right? have a nice weekend brod!

    regards (as always)…….bong

  8. They don’t care, they are just covering their behinds. I got the same type of reply from Delta regarding my complaint, similar to yours.

    Eto ang aking kwento about our experience. Hindi ko na iniscan letter nila dahil they pretty much said the same thing… sorry na lang, but we probably won’t do anything about it.

    They know we don’t have a choice but to use airlines when we travel and one lost customer isn’t going to matter when they have a line of customers waiting to fill the seats.

  9. hmm. it’s a better letter now than the previous canned reply but it does not resolve the problem.

    sabi nga ng kaibigan kong si eric na may asawang stewardess ng PAL – yung ground crew sa Los Angeles ay mga contractual workers. pero that does not excuse PAL from what happened.

    oo nga tito rolly – sabi ko sa PAL gusto kong malaman kung ano ang result ng investigation.

  10. ang galing din ng email add nila….Wecare, hehe.

    we’re still waiting for our flights to be confirmed at siyempre you’ll be the first to know when it does. can’t wait!!!

  11. Your old road is rapidly aging,please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand for the times they are a changing….matagal nang galit si Pareng Bob pero manhid pa rin ang PAL !

  12. Best customer Service/worst encounter

    umuwi ako sa Phils after 11 years here in the US to see my family and friends again last Nov 2006, i booked my ticket with Mango tours on line, their Customer service is beyond 5 diamonds rating, I got on a Cathay Pacific, every kababayan i spoke with swears not to ride PAL ever again.

    When I was about to exit the last door at NAIA leading down to the ramp, one agent accosted me and was forcibly asking me for “pamasko”

    hoping this little note helps those who will be going home again this coming Christmas Season.

    if you don’t remember me I was the one who described America as the land of tattoos, piercings and rainbow colored hair

  13. First of all I admire your relentlessness. Inaction for me means tolerating unacceptable behavior. As a customer you expect service and as a human being and a kababayan that service should be even greater. That is part of PAL’S marketing drive in the first place.

    I always flew PAL and will go home this Christmas. I have a deeper connection with the Airline since that is where my Papa worked for 42 years of his life. This is not a pitch for PAL !

    Sharing that I have to admit to the reality that everytime I come home, my flight always remind me of the Philippines I know. It pains me to write this but it is what I always felt. Being in either coach , business or 1st class made me feel being in my country. There is a definite difference in service and it is not just about the food and the silverware or the extra comforts that paying extra brings. It is about treating people differently because of the perception they bring.

    One thing I bring to my experience though and living in America for the past 19 years is that we are all equal. Kindness goes a very long way. Humility no matter where you are in life because my God has a special humor. I still will fly PAL inspite of the discomfort I feel specially when I am in coach for two reasons. Philippines will always be home for me and flying PAL gives me that feelling of being home with the unplesanties included. I suppose I am about memories and as child flying home as a family during the summers I am always reminded of a child scooping all the hard candies just because we are afterall most of the time not motivated by class.

    It might be my naivette but I also believe in the Filipino’s warm heart and I will not give up on that. In as much I have witnessed unplesantries it does not stop me from still coming home. I take what I like and the rest I try to do my part to make a difference. I have a choice to perpetuate inaction or do something.

    It takes many voices and your voice is a start! Be well!


    Ging in Los Angeles

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