But oh, that magic feeling, nowhere to go

lumipat kami ng bahay three weeks ago, sakay ang lahat ng aming gamit sa isang 50 foot long container van. a far cry from when i started. nung umalis ako ng pilipinas papuntang singapore nung 2001, dalawang maleta lang ang dala ko. nung lumipat kami from west coast to pasir ris a year later, isang maliit na lorry (as in “yellow lorry slow, nowhere to go“) ang gamit namin. nung umalis kami ng singapore papunta rito sa california after four years, labintatlong bag at labintatlong kahon. habang patagal ng patagal, pabigat ng pabigat ang dala, parami ng parami ang kargada.

ganyan ata talaga, habang tumatanda ka ay dumarami ang excess baggage ng iyong bahay at ng iyong buhay.

16 thoughts on “But oh, that magic feeling, nowhere to go

  1. diiiiit! wrong!

    baggage… maybe yes, but excess?

    I feel that we’ve been fairly prudent through the years. Normal lang naman siguro, that if one exists in a commercial world, one will want to have a taste of whatever’s in it for the taking. What’s important here is that we never forget, the operating word is moderation.

    Or maybe not…

    Maybe the most important thing is to know that this is not a validation of what we’ve made of our lives. That when push comes to shove, we can walk away from it all because they simply are not the most important things. That if need be, we can walk away naked.

    Right there is what’s important. ‘We’… the substance. ‘Can walk’… the function. ‘Naked?’… now, don’t get literal.


  2. “…. one sweet dream came true today.” Great song from a great album. 🙂

    I love the message you’re imparting here. When I first set foot on these shores 10+ years ago, one of the first things I got was a hand-me-down from my uncle: a simple and used kitchen table from IKEA. It was a simple, wooden rectangular table that could accomodate 4 people and must have cost nothing more than $50 when it was first purchased. Being used, it bore the scars and stains from years of use and abuse by its previous owners. (Yup, my uncle was not the original owner. He got it from somebody else who in turn, got it from someone else.) It was one of my first possessions in my apartment when I was starting my life out here in America.

    I’ve moved to my own house since then and over the years, though the appliances, the furniture, the fixtures, the surroundings, and the people around it have changed, that kitchen table remains in a prominent place in my home. I’ve kept it as a reminder of where I was when I started and where I could end up again if, to borrow your words, push comes to shove.

  3. abbey road is one of my all time favorites. i know every line of every song. walang piece of furniture ang tumawid with us to california. all the things we brought were the most important – books, music, clothes and ourselves. the rest of the stuff, we sold off or gave away.

    oo sir. ginamit ko kasi ang laptap ni jet the other night to make a comment.

    tama ka mylab. kasi nung lumipat tayo from singapore, i was expecting to pay a small fortune for all those 13 bags that we brought with us. buti na lang at singapore air lines ang sinakyan natin. over the years that we’ve been traveling out of singapore, not once have they charged us for excess baggage. lab U

  4. c baker, have you tried passing on that table to somebody else? someone who’s starting out new in america too… to sort of pay it forward. just curious.

    Papa, labyu too.

  5. Hi Jet. Not yet, simply because after me, none of my close relatives or friends have migrated to the US. But I do hope to pay it forward someday to someone who is starting out with his/her life. Maybe in a few years, I’ll pass it on to my kids or to a cousin as they set out in life. It’s a sentimental possession for me for that was all I had back then. Libre pa nga eh dahil bigay lang siya sa akin ng tiyo ko.

  6. Hi again. I’m sorry but I have to make a slight correction to my response to Jet’s question. My answer above was too focused on the kitchen table but not much on the concept of “paying it forward”. Except for that table, I’ve given away some pieces of furniture and a bed I no longer needed to total strangers, mainly to people who were doing maintenance work around my neighborhood. They were still in very good condition and I’d much rather have someone else use them rather than just throw them away or sit at home unused.

  7. during our despedida in singapore, we had a monopoly contest and the winners got some of our good stuff. i sold my bike to owen and leah bought our printer.

  8. “habang tumatanda ka ay dumarami ang excess baggage ng iyong bahay at ng iyong buhay”

    Or better yet, nagiging mas mayaman ka lalo! Keep it positive, bosing. hehe


    hindi naman necessarily na masama ang excess baggage bossing. lalo na sa ating mga pinoy na mahilig mag tago ng mga gamit. para tayong mga packrat, ultimo pinakamaliit na abubot ay nilalagay sa baul.

  10. Jay and Ate Jet, (ayos ba ate daw? hehehe)
    Si Bob ito, nung nabanggit mo lumipat kayo sa Irvine eh bumili pala kayo ng bahay. Congrats! Nabasa ko yung tungkol sa lolang kapitbahay.
    Hehe…hindi ba yan di-nisclose ng realtor, “Sir, the reason the owner
    is leaving and selling the house is because of the neigbor”. Full disclosure
    prior to closing.
    Si Jun pala nag-cocomment din dito nung nasa Singapore siya. OK, balik ako soon to read more.

  11. Ang ganda naman ng first comment ni Jet. It’s a good way to live — to be prudent and frugal, then to treat oneself once in a while. The treat becomes even sweeter.

    And yes, to know that one can walk away from worldly goods because the heart knows what is essential, that is indeed a blessing.

  12. tulad ngayong gabi – nanood kami ng sine at kumain ng dinner. suweldo kasi at kakatapos lang ni jet mag exam.

    hey bobby. buti naligaw ka. salamat sa congrats. wala ngang disclosure tungkol sa neighbor na may nana sa tenga. iniisip ko nga, baka kaya isang dahilan na lumipat yung binilihan namin ay dahil kay lola.

    ingat pare.

  13. Mr BatJay, can’t help but admire the dynamics of your relationship with Jet – ang galing nyo naman! Parang your views on the most ordinary things are filled with so much wisdom…plus the love you have for one another is so evident in your posts. 🙂 Was sure glad I bloghopped today…

  14. idol talaga kita.:) madami pa akong kakaining kanin… ingat uncle batjay…:) (naki-uncle daw ba..) hehehe… it means lang siguro, na malayo na talaga narating mo…:) ang galing!

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