ang mabuting balita? may trabaho na si nurse jet.

kaya huwag na tayong mahiya mga brader and sister – (in the style of brother mike) iwagayway na natin ang ating mga puting bimpo at sabay sabay nating isigaw – “WOOHOO, PRAISE THE GOD!”



  1. Naks! Na-extra ako. Thank you so much for all the support you’ve given me and are still giving. I don’t know what I would have done without you. You just keep on being my best friend.

    I love you. 🙂

  2. hi saint gigi. jet’s duty is 3-11 pm. kaya lang baka di mo siya makita kasi sobrang busy raw ng shift nila. naawa nga ako kasi parating pagod. perhaps, you two can go to a spa when she’s free on a friday.

  3. sir :

    Is that the Last Waltz the movie that is shown in the background of jet? Do you have a dvd copy? Wow galing. i saw that movie in Quad…sponsored ng RJ…dirst time kong humithit…hehehe

  4. kamusta na? long time no hear.

    yes, it is the last waltz showing on cable the day i took the picture. i timed the shot just as the title was being shown. you’re the only one who pointed this out – how perceptive of you.

    did you know that this is the first rock concert-movie i’ve seen? i remember vividly how much i enjoyed muddy waters and neil young’s set. i think i was 10 or 11 at the time. i knew then that i’d be a rocker.

    last saturday, jet and i were in the mall to buy some stuff and we passed by the music store. guess what was on sale? the last waltz. i got a copy immediately. for $9, i can now watch the concert anytime.

  5. Congrats Nars Jet.

    Sis-in-law ko rin nurse sa States Batjay, kaya alam ko medyo toxic ang work ni loveydoovs mo.

    Korek ka diyan, kailangan may spa treatment si Ms. Jet kapag free time niya.

  6. Ows, kunyari pa daw si brother mike ang nagsabi ng Praise GOD pero baka naman ikaw brother 🙂

    Pero what a blessing for both of you. Praise God indeed 🙂

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