aalis kami ni jet ngayong hapon para bumili ng patis. hehehe… you can take the pinoy out of the philippines but you cannot take the philippines out of the pinoy.

consider this:

  1. babyahe kami ng bus to the pasir ris train station, 10 minutes
  2. MRT from pasir ris to city hall station, 30 minutes
  3. transfer train, ride again from city hall papuntang orchard, 10 minutes
  4. get out of the train station, walk to the filipino stores at lucky plaza, 10 minutes

total cost of trip: $ 2.00 taymis 2 equals $ 4.00 dibaydibay 0.033 equals 121 pesoses.
cost ng isang boteng rufina: $ 2.50 (75 pesoses)

BWAKANGINANGYAN… all that time and money para lang sa patis.

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