Music has been with me since I was a kid. In fact, you could say that my life has been one big album, each passing year moving from song to song. My dad was a big influence. He was one of the pioneers of Philippine Radio. He used to be one of the Sr. Announcers of ABS-CBN, but Martial Law was declared and then all of a sudden, they were all out of work. One of his people was this thin guy named “Ernie Baron”. Hehehe…then without the “Brain Sharpening Hat”, “Healing Diet for the Liver” and all his other inventions. Where was I? Oh yes, my dad used to take me to the radio station a lot and he’d ask me to help him set up the records. Sometimes, we’d go the studio and he’d ask me to record a poem. He’d play it on the air, and my Aunt Eugenie would cry every time she hears it. We’d go to the record companies and they’d give me all kinds of records that by the time I was in 6th grade, I probably would have the most comprehensive rock collection of any 12 year old anywhere in the world. After a year, he’d leave us for another woman. I was 13 years old, without a dad, but with plenty of music.


  1. we have the same taste in music, I learned to play guitar (self study) through jingle mag.
    1969 first issue. Paul McCartney front cover,
    I was 14 years old and also my first durog years.
    also was crazy about rock music the dawning of Santana,Chicago,Cream,Eddie peregrina..oops!
    maybe you can help me about my Quest! to find
    a jingle Beatles chordbook magazine. I am residing
    here in california and I have no source or info to find it. but i read your article thru internet
    that gave me hope, and maybe you know where to contact Jingle chordbook magazine publication.
    please help..

    thank you and more power to you


    my friends calls me Pink Floyd Dan

  2. hey pink floyd dan. so nice to hear from a kababayan ni california. to quote a line from the “Brain Damage” song from “the dark side of the moon”: are you the lunatic that’s in the grass?”

    thanks for writing me. i appreciate some feedback from people who share my taste in music. ok, the jingle beatles chordbook magazine is fairly easy to find in manila. if you have relatives back home, ask them to go to any National Bookstore or Goodwill Bookstore. there should be copies available there. You can also try some of the 7-11 shops in Manila. Surprisingly, their Magazine Rack contains a lot of Jingle reprints. In fact, I believe that’s where I got my copy. Jingle Magazine isn’t doing any new stuff nowadays, BUT, they do reprint all of their old special editions (The Beatles Chordbook is one of their most popular). i live in singapore so i can’t help you get a copy. but your friends or relatives shouldn’t have a hard time finding one in any of the stores i gave you.

    take care my friend – rock and roll!


    ps. don’t you just love these lyrics. they don’t make em like this anymore:

    And you run and run to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking
    And racing around to come up behind you again
    The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older
    Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

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