It’s rainin’ inside of the city

mga kailangan para maging successful na OFW:

at saka sense of humority.

self explanatory naman lahat pero kung mayroon kayong hindi naiintindihan diyan, sabihin niyo lang sa akin at magbibigay ako ng paliwanag na sobrang simple, kahit ako maiintindihan ko.

30 thoughts on “It’s rainin’ inside of the city

  1. oo nga mylab – parang sabi ni chikoy, makulit nagpupumilit. gusto ko lang i-drill down sa kokote ko yung mga lessons. it’s so easy to lose track.

    loyalty sa kaibigan, sa bayan at sa asawa. kaskas mo na lang sa pader kaibigan. kulang ka lang sa jakol.

  2. may mga pinoy akong kakilala (ok, kamag-anak ko), na yumabang nung nagmigrate dyan. nakalimutan kaya nila ang humility o baka na-acclimatize na sila sa american culture?

  3. baka a bit of both. i understand where they’re coming from dahil mahirap buhay dito kaya marami sa mga nagpupunta rito ay nag-iiba ang ugali.

    speaking about humility: pag meron ka nang narating, sa tingin ko, that’s when you need to be humble (or at the very least, be low-key). rule of thumb: kung may ipagyayabang ka, huwag kang magyayabang.

  4. Sir Batjay,
    Ganun din dito sa Au, nagiging aloof ang mga long-time migrants dito. I cannot judge them though kung nag-iba nga sila ng ugali kasi I hardly know them pero medyo nababawasan ang pinoy sense of humor nila dito dahil na rin siguro sa struggles na dinaan nila.

  5. nag-iiba rin siguro ang perspective ng mga tao pag na immerse sa ibang life style. in the end, you become a product of your environment. which is why i admire people who stay the same no matter what – ie, people who stay kind, decent and humble even if everything around them changes.

  6. Those things are not just for OFW’s to keep in mind, but also for migrants.

    The part about HUMILITY is something I particularly agree with.

    Long ago, I wrote a rant about other Asian migrants I’ve met in Canada.
    Not all Asian migrants, just the recent Asian migrants who think they got it ALL made.

    I’d probably praise and make them my personal heroes if they didn’t put too much bloody fine point into it…

    Every f*()&ing time this is what I hear:

    They gave up cushy, comfy, and well established professional carreers in Asia just to try their hand here in this continent of opportunity. And they succeeded I guess. They did suffer through the first few years of lean and hardship where they had to contend with the most menial of jobs. Because their Masters and doctorates aren’t welcome here, they did start out as nobodies slaving after the general population in service type jobs. Now, picture going from there to a half mil house, two car garage, and two brand new cars to fill that garage.
    Truly a story of triumph?

    Well, it would be if they had some humility left.

    They just have such an arrogant, “I’m better than you because I got more money”, attitude that makes me withold my respect and admiration. Everytime I talk and interact with them, it seems as though they’re always gloating, bragging, and shining off. It’s ok to be proud of your accomplishments. Let someone else do the praising.

    Oh, and they have got to be the most RACIST people I have ever met here in Canada. Hands down. They look down on the whites that they’re richer than because, here are the whites who had all their lives to live in this country yet, they didn’t amass a personal fortune as much as theirs. Well, that’s because they know how to have fun, instead pinching every penny and thinking up highly creative ways of being a cheapskate every minute of the second. But nooo, they have more money and a nicer car – they are therefore better than these whites, right?

    It’d be great if they just stayed where they moved to and are never heard from again…That unfortunately is not the case. Sometimes they’d go back to visit their countries of origin. Nothing but criticism! Ok, we all criticize things that fall short of our expectations or fall short of what we’re used to experiencing. But calling your relatives stupid for CHOOSING to stay in the motherland to make a difference?

    What’s worse is that their criticism doesn’t quite hit the real spot. I’ve often caught many of these types to embellish the crappiness of their homelands just to make it seem their migrating more heroic.

    Bleargh… Asians who think they got it all made….so annoying.

    Sorry for using your blog to vent…

  7. oo pare ko, panahon na para mag blog ka sa blog mo kasi times 10 ata yung haba ng sinabi mo sa post ko. hehehe.

    pero seriously, i’m sorry to hear about your bad experience. you might be hanging out with the wrong asians my friend. i know a lot of them from canada and they seem fine to me.

  8. unkyel, tutal na-explain mo na ung authenticity at industry, might as well explain mo na din ung ibang virtues na ni-raise mo, hehehe!

    on a serious note unkyel, i need your advice, dahil i want to move out of singapore matapos ko lang ang mga contracts ko (employment at sa bahay), stepping stone lang talaga ito. laid back kasi akong tao, gusto ko ung medyo relaxed lang ang atmosphere at kung saan maayos ang magiging environment (school, play) ng magiging anak ko. ano sa tingin mo? saan ang magandang next (and hopefully) final destination?

  9. bossing, idagdag mo na rin sa mga -ity na yan ang ability.

    isa rin akong o-ep-dabelyu, and im proud to say na pagdating sa trabaho, maaasahan mo talaga ang pinoy. dubai nga pala ako.

  10. oo nga ninang. iniisip ko kung ano ang magiging guide ko sa buhay OFW na madaling tandaan, ito na siguro yon.

    ability – oo nga.

    echo: australia or new zealand. great great countries.

  11. I love living here in Australia (so clean and spacious). At first, I hated it mainly because I cannot understand Aussie accents. Akala nila, bingi ako – sa kasosorry, pls repeat what you just said, or can you write it down – sabay abot ng pen and paper. Then, I’ve realized, they cannot really spell.

    Ngayon parang nahawa na ako, hindi na rin ako marunong mag-spelling.
    Atsaka, laid back ang mga tao rito. Low key at simple lang ang buhay.

    What is sense of humority? Please explain Sir Batjay.

  12. tumpak!!!!
    salamat po sa mumunting aral ng buhay na napupulot ko sa website mo…
    at age of 22 … i started being an OFW….till now…
    wag lang sanang mawala sa puso at isip natin na tayo ay pinoy….
    im prouD to be one…

    sunshine & smiles kuya..
    keep on sharing ur stories…
    we enjoy reading it…

  13. an OFW at 22. wow. that’s the age when i should have thought of being one.

    sense of humority – you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. come to think of it, you shouldn’t take life to seriously.

  14. isa po ako sa mga avid readers ng blog niyo. at gusto ko po ang entry niyo na ito. pwede ko po bang i-link ang entry na ito sa multiply ko? salamat! 😀

  15. i learned a lot from here,.,salamat po ,.,now po may guide na aq paano mamuhay at magtrabaho sa abroad,di ko po kc alm pano ko edeal un,. lalo n po ung homesick,.. ofw n po ako since 21.,hmmm,pwede ko rn po ba i link e2 sa site ko?
    from malaysia po aq,.,.madami ring pinoy d2 at everytime nmn n may nkita kaming kababayan we smile at each other and sometimes kwentohan f my time,.,…. un lng kc mai22ring mong pamilya mo s ibang bansa.

  16. mas bata lang ako kay gulaman ng isang taon ng nag-abroad. i came to Dubai at 21. no regrets, no resentments. kahit pa sabihin ng manong na ito na stupid ang mga imigrante at OFW [dunno if you already encoutered this piece:, I keep on dreaming and achieving my dreams till this day. Mahalna mahal ko ang pinas and kahit andito ako sa middle east ipinagmamalaki ko sa lahat ng lahing nakakasalamuha ko na i’m proud to be pinoy. Salamat po sa words of wisdom nyo chaka sa blog nyo, though minsan eh… may mga words na nagpapalaki ng mata ko [gulat marahil] ayos lang, dami ko po natutunan.


    lagi ko po itong alalahanin kuya bj. 🙂
    salamat po.

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