In the darkness there'll be hidden worlds that shine

nanood kami ni jet ng concert ni springsteen sa LA memorial sports arena nung monday. i must say, it was the best concert i have ever seen and i have seen a lot. simula lights out at opening song, nakatayo na kami at nagsasayaw. ibang klase rin si springsteen pag live. it’s a thousand times better than listening to his CDs or watching the band’s DVDs. he brings out a concert atmosphere that is really unique. you have to be there to feel it – it’s electric. ayan, sa sobrang excitement ko ay napa ingles tuloy ako.


isang buwan mahigit ko na itong pinaghahandaan. araw-araw pinapatugtog ko ang set list ni springsteen pag tumatakbo ako, hoping that when the concert comes, i will be singing along with everyone else. hindi ako nabigo. nagmistulang higanteng karaoke ang loob ng arena dahil lahat ng mahigit na 10,000 na tao na naroon ay sumasabay sa mga kanta nila.


naniwala ako sa sinabi ni jon stewart nung binanggit niya na yung concert ni springsteen sa madison square garden was the greatest night of his life. it wasn’t the best night of my life but it was definitely in the top 10. i am glad to have shared an evening with bruce springsteen and the e street band with my wife.

Setlist:October 29, 2007
Los Angeles, California
Sports Arena

Radio Nowhere { lyrics }
No Surrender { lyrics }
Lonesome Day { lyrics }
Gypsy Biker { lyrics }
Magic { lyrics }
Reason To Believe { lyrics }
Candy’s Room { lyrics }
She’s The One { lyrics }
Livin’ In The Future { lyrics }
The Promised Land { lyrics }
Town Called Heartbreak
Backstreets { lyrics }
Working On The Highway { lyrics }
Devil’s Arcade { lyrics }
The Rising { lyrics }
Last To Die { lyrics }
Long Walk Home { lyrics }
Badlands { lyrics }


Girls In Their Summer Clothes { lyrics }
Thundercrack { lyrics }
Born To Run { lyrics }
Dancing In The Dark { lyrics }
American Land { lyrics }

17 thoughts on “In the darkness there'll be hidden worlds that shine

  1. Hanep, Pards! Springsteen Live! Ayos na ayos iyan. I’m also a very big fan of Max Weinberg, his drummer. This guy’s drumming is amazing and that’s why I think Max is one of the best drummers out there. I’m glad you guys enjoyed the concert.

  2. Springsteen’s concert, COOL! kailan ko kaya siya mapapanood?
    Di ba yung drummer niya ay siya ring drummer dun sa late night with conan?

  3. I remember back in college. after I’d first gotten here. It was the first night of Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” concert tour in LA. My film professor let the class out really early, almost after it had begun really (it was an evening class) because many of the students had tickets (I think he did, too). I suppose that’s when I realized this “Dancing in the Dark” dude really was the Boss. Or, at least, he ruled our class that night!

  4. hey KB. jet and i are longtime springsteen fans and we vowed that when he toured again, we’d get tickets (by hook or by crook) and watch him perform. he is really something. you get your money’s worth and more.

    oo max plays for conan when he’s not touring with the boss.

    thanks, i did enjoy the concert very much. it was one of those nights that you wish would never end.

  5. It was a dream come true Pa. I will remember that night for a long, long time. Yes, that we saw it together made it all the more special. 😀

  6. wow…. i hope i can catch the next springsteen tour….. sana sana……dumaan dito sa asia si boss……. regards……..ingat

  7. musta na allan? i haven’t been able to tune in the past few weeks. been busy with the move.

    yan nga problema, springsteen hasn’t been to asia in a while. or has he ever been there? di pa nga yata.

  8. I’d just like to add to your last statement above. I guess it would be a while before we see the likes of Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Elton John, and Genesis come to our shores. Economics would be a concern. The costs could be quite prohibitive for any concert promoter to host such a superstar.

    The primary markets in Asia for the superstars above are Japan, HK, and Singapore because of these countries’ wealth. The others seem to be an afterthought. It’s all economics-driven and in the case of our country, the concerns are security-driven too.

    Back in 60s, big acts visited only 3 places in Asia: Japan, the Philippines, and HK. When the Beatles had their Manila concert in 1966, people from as far away as HK (mostly HK-based British fans) flew to Manila just to attend the concert. It’s hard to imagine that type of thing happening these days because of the safety issues in our country. And based on what happened to them on their way out of Manila, I seriously doubt if Paul McCartney will consider returning to Manila.

  9. regional na lang siguro ang strategy – places like singapore and hong kong have great venues.

    i think this is what’s happening. based on the shows done by the stones and clapton in the last few years in singapore, people from around southeast asia (indonesia, philippines, malaysia) did come.

  10. Hi Jay :

    I dont think that the boss has been to asia but what I know is that santana will be in Hong Kong and Singapore early next year…….

    The Pinoy Rock show was extended by another hour….due to popular demand (hehehe)…by the way The Mole is also onboard on sundays 8 am to 12 NN…ganda ng playlist niya from the classic rock era….ingat…….

  11. pareng allan roy: si the mole, yung sa ls dati?
    kung accessible sa web yung show, pwedeng makahingi ng link? salamat ng marami! para naman maiba, medyo 3 weeks na rin akong puro Led Zeppelin legacy sa yahoo messenger eh.

  12. pareng bote :

    Yes The Mole of RJ, LS, DM. Click mo lang yong link na provided ni batjay tapos click mo RJ Underground 105.9.

    Jay :

    yes baka nga manood ako ng santana……. BTW, I was able to talk to you Mom…..sabi ko pumunta siya US at bisitahin yung bahay ninyo ni Jet….tapos kwntuhan kami kaunti……… sige ingat at regards sa totoong “boss”….kay Jet

  13. hi allan.

    thanks for talking to my mom. galing mo talaga pare ko – sana hindi ka magsawa. i hope she can come here soon. may visa na siya, matagal na.


    PS – galing ni carlos. mayroon siyang concert sa amphitheater dito early this year but we missed it.

  14. mga bossings, thanks! me nu pati, patok!

    bawas inom na muna para mapaghandaan ang dating ni santana at ng me ma-cross-out na uli sa list ko.

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