Laughing on the bus, playing games with the faces

four years in singapore, two years in california. yan ang summary ng buhay ko bilang OFW, so far.

maraming mga highs – nabayaran namin in full ang bahay sa antipolo, nakapag travel kung saan-saan, tumaba at pumayat, nagkaroon ng pagkakataon para mabuhay ng medyo masagana, nakakatulong kami sa pamilyang naiwan namin sa pilipinas at naging mas close ang relationship naming mag-asawa dahil kami lang ni jet ang magkasamang dumidiskarte sa kung ano-ano ang mga dapat naming gawin para mabuhay sa isang bansang umampon sa amin.

marami ring mga lows – hindi ko nakikita on a regular basis ang mommy ko, ang isa pang babaeng importante sa buhay ko. she turned 83 this year and I miss her a lot. miss ko rin ang pagkain, ang tawanan at humor ng mga pinoy. tapos namatayan ako ng kapatid, si jet namatayan din ng kapatid. yon ang pinakamasakit: yung umalis sila na wala ka sa tabi nila. napakahirap tanggapin. but the world turns, life goes on and you try to explain to yourself that this is the life you chose and you better fucking live with it or else.

22 thoughts on “Laughing on the bus, playing games with the faces

  1. ano pa nga ba ang magagawa, this is our life, kaya nga my motto is “move on. org” at “no use crying over spilled milk” but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. most of our Kabayans think that when you live in the States, milk and honey, yon po ang maling ipinakita ng mga nauna, na ang mga pictures at kwento ay panay magaganda, meron din tayong mga kababayan na nacuculture shock at hindi nakakayanan, there are a number of Filipinos who took their lives by jumping at the Golden Gate Bridge. One lesson I’ve learned here is everybody has a right and we can say it even to our parents, this is to correct their wrong ways kasi dala pa rin nila ang kaugalian Pilipino, I was fortunate na nakinig sila sa akin. Mas madali ang pagtanggap ng lahat ng bagay kung may preparation, when my father came here, after a few months his mother died and of course, he can not go back to Phils. as well as the grandmother of my partner in life. Naisip ko na namamatay sila sa pangungulila sa atin, kasi hindi sila nakahanda not to hear our voices everyday, tayo na umalis, we prepared ourselves, psyched ourselves up to convince our selves that everything will be alright. But what about our relatives, our pets? our extended families? some of them can’t take it and their health deteriorate. My beloved dog Champagne died when I left the Philippines and she is a part of our life, my daughter’s playmate and protector.

  2. in connection with “your run for the cure” a charity race, napamulat sa atin na charity begins at home, kaya although hindi ako sumasali sa mga races, araw araw ko namang inaakyat ang hills of San Francisco para makapagpadala para makapag-aral ang mga naiwan, kasi edukasyon lang ang makakapagpaahon sa atin sa kahirapan, one book that I refer to is e-how to do everything dahil nag-iisa din ako dito sa America na dumidiskarte sa buhay. dami ko na ring nabasa mga books for dummies, paunti unti lang kasi kapitbahay ko ang Borders, he he he, or after I read suli ko sa Costco. ok naman ang libraries dito sa SF, kaya hiram, suli, at siempre sa aking internet college – yahoo finance,, etc mga articles na applicable sa aking financial status, isang ordinaryong government office clerk.

  3. Death in the family… hirap ‘no? The worst moment for an OFW is when to choose to just send the money home rather than fly & be there. I’ve been told before to “stay there you cannot do anything here”.

    Di naman masama ang intention nung nagsabi, praktikal lang. Ang samang pakinggan, ang samang aminin, pero ano ba magagawa ko di ba?

  4. ganyan din nangyari sa mommy ko mr. bj. 1st she lost her father, she was not able to go home, then her mother. still she wasn’t home, all she can do was grieve alone in KSA. then she lost her beloved brother last year, 2 weeks before christmas. it was a sudden death. nag-hysterical na sya, dina sya pumayag na di makauwi this time. so everybody abroad went home for the funeral. mixed emotions ang naramdaman nilang lahat, since some of them after 10 years lang ulit nagkita. masaya at malungkot ang naging family reunion namin. masaya dahil noon lang ulit nabuo ang pamilya at malungkot dahil it has to happen para lang mabuo kaming lahat.

  5. Batjay,share din ako sa feelings mo.It was also happened to me,way back 1999.Every uwi ko sa Pinas,alam ko naghihintay ang tatay ko at may nakahanda ng nilagang kamoteng-kahoy na alam nyang pinakapaborito ko,kaya lagi akong excited,hindi dahil sa kamote kundi sa warmest ng pagsalubong ng nanay at tatay ko.Last uwi ko,iba na ang atmosphere sa bahay ni nanay,kulang,parang di ko pa rin matanggap na wala na ang tatay.Kapag nasa Germany ako ,feeling ko si tatay nasa Pinas at naghihintay,pero nung nasa Pinas ako,wala ng nasalubong,sobra ang kalungkutan ko.Kahit nasa tabi ko ang nanay ay parang kulang pa rin…ang hirap tanggapin.

  6. Happy Sunday to All whereever part of the world you may be: Take time to smell the flowers, we are all in a very fast paced environment… but there are more important things than having that ipod, call, call, call your friend, relatives, and even your former enemies, mura lang ang phone card. Although it was my dog that I lost, it is the same as losing a sister. We had a dog who always waited for the postman and I have to read to her that her name was mentioned in my Father’s letter, only after I read her name she would go back to her sleeping place.

  7. I wonder what generation of Filipinos will fully enjoy our homeland without the necessity of leaving it? For now, it’s a must for most of us to migrate to various foreign places in order to provide a better life for our families as well as relatives left behind. Kelan kaya? When will we have the choice to just travel to other countries just for the sake of travel and not for work and survival?

  8. I don’t see it coming in our lifetime, the government is promoting it since this is where they get the dollar remittances while these politicians go to Las Vegas and sleep in the most expensive hotels there. I myself have been here for 12 years and went to Vegas once, checked in at the Riviera, the oldest hotel, while our politicians were at MGM whenever Paquiao has a fight.

  9. It was a very sad moment for me, when my father died in May,2005 and after three months my mother died also, both in the same year. I cannot do anything except be sorry for not going home. My permit to stay in Italy lapsed and was in the immigration office for renewal. It’s hard to accept that in those very sorrowful moments your loved ones will be buried without seeing them forever for the last time. But “life must go on” so they say and that’s true.

  10. Papa, maraming salamat sa pagtulong mo sa akin para makauwi ako ha. It’s one thing to live with the loss of a loved one, and it’s another to live with the fact that you couldn’t be there with your family to bring them to their grave. It occurs to me now how you made that happen for me because you probably didn’t want me to go through what you did. And for that, I love you even more. Thank you… so much.

  11. ang sweet nyo naman ni ate jet, kahit d2 sa blog very evident pa din ang pagmamahalan nyo. natutuwa ako sa inyo, cguro very demonstrative ka sa feelings mo sa knya.. nag aaway at nagtatampuhan din ba kayo?? kasi ang ganda ng bonding nyo eh.. sana ganyan din kami pagtanda..

  12. hello to Jet, the lab of your life, medyo kulang ako sa time to silip her blog, kasi may private nursing duties ako, hopefully ill get a laptop very soon so I’ll have more time on the internet. Mabuti yan magkatuwang kayo in all the highs and lows of life. mahirap tumawa mag-isa, baka isipan ng kapitbahay mo sa office na you have some loose screws in your head.

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