Sugarplum Fairy, Sugarplum Fairy

isa sa pinaka paborito kong kanta ang “a day in the life“. ang kwento eh, nagbabasa lang si john lennon ng newspaper during a recording session break at bigla na lang niyang pinag dugtong dugtong ang balita to create the lyrics of the song – ie, four thousand holes in blackburn, lancashire, he blew his mind out in a car, etc. sinubukan ko nga ring gumawa ng kanta galing sa diyaryo natin sa pilipinas pero wala. kahit anong pilit ko, hindi ko mapantayan ang genius ng beatles.

i read the news today, totoy
nineteen people hurt in lucena
tumaas ang presyo ng gasolina
defensor is not senador
east visaya lacks 400 teachers
they can’t find them anywhere
because they’re all in hong kong
having day off picnics at central

nagmuni-muni lang ako ng kaunti dahil 40th year anniversary ng release ng “sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band” kahapon.

kasama ng “rubber soul” at “revolver“, ang “sgt. peppers” ng beatles ay major milestones sa history ng musika. suwerte ako kasi ang tatlong records na ito, kasama ng “white album” ay kasali sa sound track ng buhay ko.

i grew up with the music of the beatles and everytime i hear their songs, i am reminded of my family and of home.

16 thoughts on “Sugarplum Fairy, Sugarplum Fairy

  1. tama ka nga kabayan isang musical genius si john lennon sayang nga lang at napagtripan ni mark david chapman na barilin..marami pa sanang magagawang mga kanta si lennon..isa sa pinakapaborito kong kanta nila ay ang IMAGINE….you may say i’m a dreamer, but i’m not the only one….

  2. oo pero, nandaya ako dahil binasa ko yung guide explaining kung sino-sino sila. if you go to the website, may section doon about the photo shoot on the sgt. pepper album cover. cool stuff.

    pinakapaborito kong mga kanta? #9 dream, working class hero, grow old along with me, mind games, imagine.

  3. John Lennon has always been my favorite Beatle. I know him not only as a very good lyricist but as a good singer as well. I liked his voice when he was the one singing in most of the albums. That would be the earlier Beatles, right? Mas lalaking-lalaki at madali lang ang range. Pag kanta kasi ni Paul, minsan mataas na e ang sakit sa yagbadoodles. hehehe

    I consider Sgt. Peppers as one of the greatest albums ever. Sunod ang White Album. Kitang-kita ang creativity nila.

  4. ako rin, si lennon ang paborito ko. he was conflicted and had a very complicated personality – vindictive, funny, petty, intelligent. siguro yan ang dahilan kung bakit ko siya gusto: he is so human.

    pre sgt pepper nga si john nag shine. ang even perhaps in abbey road when he knew it was going to be for the last time. paborito ko rin ang sgt peppers. pero rubber soul/revolver pa rin ang malapit sa puso ko. siguro dahil si lennon ang maririnig mo roon most of the time

  5. all beatles songs are great! pinapatugtog ko dati yan on my dj stint sa starfm on sundays.

    galing kaming tagaytay highlands last week may clubhouse dun na classic ang theme, may jukebox na may puro beatles ang pinapatugtog. kinalikot nga namin. ‘let me take you down where i’m going to… strawberry fields.’ dabest.

  6. piggies from the white album is one of my personal favourites, nice to listen to over and over again.. on the way to work, while watching people go through the daily grind.

  7. yes me too. especially when i was much much younger. there is a certain nursery rhyme quality to some of the songs of the white album – bungalow bill, obladi-oblada, piggies, etc.
    strawberry fields is another great beatle song. especially the acoustic demo made by john lennon that’s in the anthology CDs.

  8. my parents love the beatles. my mom’s sister actually went to a concert when they were young (but my mom couldn’t go)! i have yet to purchase my own beatles album, can you believe it?

    p.s. did i ever tell you i got a copy of your book? i should sent it to you so you can autograph it for me!

  9. hey mama kat.

    i remember you mentioned the beatles before. it’s never too late. if you want to start, get: rubber soul, revolver, sgt peppers, the white album and abbey road. in that order.

    Cool, you have my book. i’d love to sign it, sana in person. hopefully this fall jet and i will be able to travel east so we can visit you in the big apple.

  10. Although siyempre kilala ko na ang Beatles before I met you, I guess I never really learned to appreciate them until you ‘educated’ me on their music. Dami ko talagang natututunan sayo. 😀

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