si binky lampano – idol kong artist. he may not be as big as the e-heads or parokya ni edgar, but binky lampano is in my top 10 list of the best rockers in the philippines.

he’s right up there with pepe, bosyo, lolita carbon, sampaguita and the jerks in my list. watch these guys perform live and you’ll know what i mean. sayang nga lang, you won’t have the chance to watch edmund “bosyo” fortuno because he is already playing drums, right alongside keith moon, john bonham and gene krupa, in that great big rock and roll gig in the sky.

nasan na ba ako… ah ok. binky lampano.

i still have his tape at home. tangina kasi, hindi gumawa ng CD ang record company niya eh. pinapakinggan ko ito from time to time pag nasa pilipinas kami. nung araw parati akong may balita tungkol sa kanya dahil maraming beses na siyang nakasama ni dante, sa mga concerts at minsan naiimbita sa pinoy rock and rhythm show niya sa RJ.

jet and i watched BINKY and the NIC in makati for 2 straight weekends many many moons ago. there weren’t many people but it was one of the best concerts we have ever attended. he is one hell of a guy to watch live, i can tell you that.

he also played with the jerks and tropical depression during the benefit concert for the brain surgery of my brother dante. they sang “reklamo ng reklamo“, covered the doors’riders on the storm” and for their finale sang van morrison’s classic, “G-L-O-R-I-A“, with papadom, rolling on the stage and stealing the show.

while searching the net, napansin ko na may website pala si binky. mayron siyang Lampano Alley at naron lahat ng information sa mga bago niyang material. mayron din siyang menu page kung saan napansin ko na lahat ng kantang binaggit niya dito eh nasa play list ng MP3 player ko. ang galing man.


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