i want to be a gardener. that’s my calling… well, maybe a part-time engineer on the side (for the extra cash). this is my dream job – but i cannot apply for it now because i am not qualified. to qualify for the position of gardener, one must have a sustainable retirement fund. this is only possible if i save up while i’m here in singapore. and it could take me 5 to 10 years.

let’s do the math… 5 to 10 years in singapore will guarantee me a good enough amount of cash for an early retirement. that will put my age to around 40-45 years old. i don’t think i’ll live to be 70 or 80. so, 45 plus 20 years is 65… a good enough age to permanently call it quits. it will give me 20 or so years to enjoy my retirement. not bad…

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