My soul checked out missing as I sat listening

ano ba sa pilipino ang “i have to make the most out of my life now”? yan kasi ang parati kong sinasabi sa sarili ko lately. kasi, isip-isip ko, when this is all over and done, wala nang next time. who knows what comes after death. it probably is, for all intents and purposes (what a fucking catch phrase), game over.

maiba ako. napanood ko na naman yung leap of faith video ni springsteen kanina. this song always inspires me.

8 thoughts on “My soul checked out missing as I sat listening

  1. Hey tito jay! It’s Paula, Sara’s sister! I hope you still remember me! haha ๐Ÿ™‚ I lent my friend your book and she super loved it. She really wants to meet you. Are you going to be at your book launching in april? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hey paula.

    i forgot all about you already. hahaha.

    are you kidding me? i even put your name in the second book. actually, i put all your names in my second book. i’ll try to make it on the april 14th book launch – my flight won’t arrive in manila until after the launch starts and i’m trying to change my schedule. but i’ll make sure we’ll see each other before i leave.

    with much love,
    tito jay

    PS – i’d love to meet your friend.

  3. and you deserve no less than to be able to try and do everything you’ve always wanted to. I’ve known you for nearly 20 years and in all those years, you’ve always put others before you… friends, family… me. I know life doesn’t owe us anything but if life was fair, it owes you big time. or maybe it is fair for what do we have but the opportunity to be at a time and place where the things you so desire are made more accessible to you?

    ako, isa lang ang masasabi ko sayo. go for it, wherever it takes you. don’t worry, I’ll still be around when you’re done.


  4. thank you mylab.

    actuall you don’t need to wait for me. mas maganda kung sumama ka sa pag enjoy ng buhay. we both deserve it dahil ikaw rin have been selflessly offering your time and resources to a lot of people.

    lab U.

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