15 thoughts on “Talent, like beauty, to be pardoned, must be obscure and unostentatious

  1. I’ll have to say there are more and more overseas contractors located here physically in US offices. In my workplace contractors from India account for about 10-15% of the headcount as opposed to negligible (2-5%) just 3 years ago. They must have these “special talents” too. I don’t blame the company, I mean it is business after all, why pay $85,000/year average if you can hire someone for half the amount doing the same thing? Sorry, this is just a sore subject.

  2. yup, it’s so common to find companies that have a large workforce composed of overseas contractors here in california. in some cases, it’s 80% of the total number.

    you’re right – it all boils down to business. it’s cheaper to pay foreign nationals. you can probably get 3 indians for 1 american developer.

  3. ‘Nung nasa Pilipinas ako, para na ‘kong anak ng Diyos sa company na pinagtatrabahuhan ko. Ok naman ‘yung sweldo. Nung lumipat ako dito sa US, naging mortal ulit ako pero ‘yung sweldo is very comfortable and is much higher than what I used to get. At higit sa lahat, mas magaan ang trabaho. I couldn’t care less what my american counterparts are getting.

  4. here’s a lurker coming out (not out of the closet ha)

    i certainly enjoy your posts…sa sobrang pagka-enjoy ko nga sa particular na post na ire eh para akong baliw na tumatawa sa harap ng pc ko.

    have a nice weekend!

  5. LYf is Lyk a road, that we shud pass..thru til it ends..bt if oneday u feel ur tired walking,il comfort you on my hands and say…
    “kapoy na?? bantay ta sikad,ako bayad!!!!

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