Hi Ester.

How are things over your part of the world? I hope you were not affected by the blackouts that plagued almost the entire North American East Coast.

I just got back last Sunday from Manila. I spent a few days there for business and left Jet here. She was there for a month in June so we didn’t see the point of spending extra money for another trip. Besides, December is coming up in a few months and we normally go home for three weeks for the Christmas and New Year break.

What’s new back home? There have been many changes over the past two years that I’ve been out. Everything’s changed and yet everything’s still the same. There’s still the old problems with poverty and corruption and sometimes it depresses the hell out of me. Not enough to mount a coup though, which is just as well. If there’s any consolation, the family seems to be okay. At the very least, everybody is in good enough health and that is good enough reason for me to be happy.

My work just got extended here for another three years. I don’t really know how long we’re going to stay here but we’re giving ourselves 5 to 10 years here in Singapore. I’ll be 47 after 10 years. I can probably retire permanently by then. But that’s too long in the future. Right now, we work our butts off. We may not admit it outright but living here in Singapore really has its advantages. I have a good job and am earning enough so that we could live a good life. We have everything we need and have enough to save for a rainy day and dream dreams that were not possible a few years ago.

Just this lunch, my friend and I have been talking about growing old. He says he’s already starting to feel the effects of the excesses of his younger days. To think that he is much younger than me. I don’t know. I’m ok, I think. I’m in a stage where I’m more laid back and just take things as they come. I do not have this overpowering ambition anymore to get rich or anything to that effect. I am content and happy and that is more than what most people can say about themselves.

I’m glad that you loved the pictures of mom and the family. The pool that you saw in the pictures is not ours. This is the pool that we have for the entire subdivision so don’t have any funny ideas that I’m doing THAT good. Hehehe…


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