4 thoughts on “UMAGA NA NAMAN

  1. I just saw the movie last night. Boy was I exhausted and really wanted to sleep but 5 minutes into the movie and I was glued to it!!! It was simple, no heavy dramatics or cheesy plots but was very engaging. I thought I could emphatize with the characters, feel their emotions even if the movie was made in 1977! I liked the story, very realistic unlike the unconvincing movies of today.I also liked the cinematography, boy was Baguio that pretty compared to it NOW. Also the thing that attracted me most to the movie was HILDA KORONEL. Boy, tinamaan ako! She definitely has the prettiest face among our actresses. Even Christine Hermosa lags behind Hilda during her youth. She is pretty, sexy, very stylish, appeared intelligent, brave and witty but there is that aura of vulnerability in her that really draws you to her character. Enough said, now I’ve got a new crush. Boyet de Leon’s acting is good, (my namesake)overall a very beatifully crafted piece of film. A true Filipino film classic worthy of praise and recognition.

    I encourage everyone to watch it. It may be shot in 1977 but it adheres well today, it does not appear old or alien but it is definitely nostalgic. I recommend this to everyone.

    Best regards!

  2. hi christopher.

    thanks for sharing this with me. “kung mangarap ka’t magising” is probably my all time favorite pinoy film of all time. i loved the story, the music, the humor and everything in between.

    sayang nga, walang avaiable na DVD nito. mayron VHS but you have to order it in advance and they’ll cut a tape for you. perhaps one day, mapapanood ko ito ulit. saan mo nga pala ito nakita?

  3. Where can I get a copy of this film also that of other filipino film classics? Napanuod ko rin and it was very well-made.

  4. you can order online at kabayan central. i think they sell copies of this film as well as other pinoy classics. kaya lang, the catch is that 1. it is a bit expensive and 2. they only offer a VHS tape copy.

    i don’t know if the UP film center sells – but they have a copy of the prints in their archives as well. you can try to visit them if you’re in manila.

    sayang nga – a lot of the films that are available in DVD, VCD and VHS in the philippines are either the corny sex movies, slapstick comedies or the walang kamatayang love triangle. none of the classic pinoy films are available.

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