29 thoughts on “As opposed to being barbaric and rude

  1. thank you.

    collector ako ng mga weird signs. pag nasa china ako, siguradong may nakikita ako parati. pero balita ko eh tinatama na nila ang mga signs in preparation for the Olympic Games.


  2. kuya batjay,

    i’ve been reading your blogs for about about half a year now. due to a foot/ankle injury (and now surgery) at work, i am currently on a long process of recuperating. and your musings keeps me sane and entertained on days i just want to pull my hair our from boredom.

    so anyway, i linked your blog to my personal blog. i hope you don’t mind so i can share it to my few readers. my blog is not as big as yours but i have a wide array of loyal readers. i’m sure they would love you, too.

    with all that said, i am truly inspired by your unique views of the world. sometimes, i take forgranted how inquisitive humans are and you just proved me wrong. and should i even commend the humor? your mind is overwhelmingly hilarious! no wonder your avid readers are addcited to you! your humble achievements are even remarkable.

    well, keep posting wonderful entries. readers like me are inspired by you and would just wish to accomplish one or some of your extraordinary talent.

    iba ka! two thumbs up! more power and god bless!


  3. dito sa SG…meron din yan…sumasakit ang tenga ko pag nakaririnig ng (1) BY-RIGHT (2) AT THE END OF THE DAY (3) MOVING FORWARD (4) IS IT?….ewan ko peyborit nila ata to

  4. lol @ parang gusto kong sapakin yung nagsabi ng “at the end of the day”. if you don’t controllize (lol) yourself from sapaking another, talagang end of his/her day na ‘yun 😀

  5. the first time i read your articles i thought that there something weird about the article and the author…
    but when i read your book kwentong tambay nkita ko s book n yun yung kaintere-interesanteng tao..
    magu2lat k cguro kc i’m just a 15 yrs old girl na natuwa at maraming natutunan in your book and in this web.

  6. Tama ka sir Jun. Dugo na tenga ko sa mga phrases na yan dito sa SG. At super hate ko yung “by right” nila. Pag naririnig ko nga yon, gusto sila sabihan ng “are you crazy..what”.

  7. Bunsoy…..minsan gusto ko ng barahin yung kausap ko pag sinasabi ang ‘BY RIGHT”, gusto kong sagutin ng “BY WRONG”, “BY LEFT”, “BYE BYE”…..ang sagot siguro sa akin “IS IT?”, …isa pa itong makabasag tenga….

  8. lol jun @ by left, bye bye…. puwedeng magtanong, anyone? sorry, am slow and confused but what exactly does one mean when he says “by right”? haven’t met one who says that eh. is that like when one picks up the receiver and says “for a while”?

  9. labas sa topic : Sirs batjay and Jun, san ba masarap ang fish head curry dito sa SG? Locals always say Geylang daw, so by right i should go there. But at the end of the day, you will realize so many hawkers there, is it? so moving forward, san ba ko dapat tlag kumain ng masarap na fish head curry?

  10. ang paborito kong fish head curry ay nasa kiong siak road, malapit sa china town. kilala na kasi kami rito dahil parati kami doon kumakain.

    eto ang entrance nila…

  11. “…so by right i should go there. But at the end of the day, you will realize so many hawkers there, is it? so moving forward…”—LOL @ bunsoy. ganun pala ‘yun.

    sarap kain ng mga peeps sa pic. by right everyone should go there….

  12. nice bunsoy,…..ganire yan

    when yo go to geylang, should not go “BY LEFT” or else you will go “BY WRONG”, you should be MOVING BACKWARD, and say “BYE BYE”, to the girls on skimpy skirts along the side streets , yes it is…..ayos ba?….di ko rin maintindihan ! ! !

  13. ako naintindihan ko lol…

    am guessing red-light district here. that’s a witty one, jun. so is that what you do (that is, not going by left to avoid being by wrong and just moving backward and saying byebye) or try your very best to do whenever you find yourself there?

  14. may kasabihan nga ang oldies “GRASYA NA , BAKA MA- DISGRASYA PA”, maraming tukso pag nag-iisa ka lang sa at nagbabanat ng buto sa ibang lupa……BY RIGHT, should always be ready to say “BYE BYE”

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