farewell, galileo! fare you well, old friend. ngayong linggo na magpapakamatay ang space craft galileo. mawawalan na kasi ito ng kili-kili power at hindi na makokontrol ng NASA ang pagtakbo ni galileo pag nangyari ito. eh ano ngayon?

yung europa kasi (one of the sixty-one jovian moons), has an ocean underneath it’s icy cover. alam nating lahat that life started in the oceans of the OUR world. kung kaya, mayrong malaking posibilidad that there is life in the oceans of europa. to avoid any possible contamination from earth’s microbes, should galileo accidentally crash into europa, the scientists at NASA decided to purposely plunge the spacecraft into the atmoshpere of jupiter. and so, this sunday, galileo will commit (a sort of) cosmic suicide for the benefit of the possible (or FUTURE) life forms in europa.

sounds like the arthur clarke “space odyssey” science fiction novel but it’s true.

sa pagkamatay ni galileo, i look forward to the Cassini-Huygens saturn mission next year. ito ay eagerly anticipated dahil the cassini spacecraft (besides exploring saturn) will drop the huygens probe into saturn’s largest moon, titan. this moon has an atmosphere and is another possible candidate for finding life outside of the earth.

watch the real player video of galileo’s legacy . it’s a touching tribute to the whole mission. so long galileo! if your namesake were alive today, he would have been proud.

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