1. Y: The Last Man, Book 2

In the summer of 2002, a plague of unknown origin destroys every last sperm, fetus, and fully developed mammal with a Y chromosome – with the exception of amateur escape artist Yorick Brown and his surly male helper monkey Ampersand.

2. Batman, The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

probably, the best Batman story of all time. this was done by Frank Miller in 1986 and the story is still fresh and exciting as it was when it was first published. kwento ni Batman nung matanda na siya, ravaged by age at hindi na kasing bilis nang dati. he comes back 10 years after retiring. this is a diffferent Batman story…darker, violent, twisted.

kakatapos ko lang ng Batman, Year 1, also done by Frank Miller. this is also a great comic… the storyline tells of the alternative origin of the Batman, Catwoman and Commisioner Gordon.

di ko pa nasisimulan yung Batman:Manbat. i’ve looked at the artwork done by John Bolton though and it looks like a great read. incidentally, it was also john bolton who did the artwork for neil gaiman’s “harlequin valentine”, “books of magic” at yung “sandman presents: the furies”. bolton, in my book, is probably the best artist working in comics right now.

3. “Prey, Michael Crichton”. binabasa ko ito sa bus at train. magandang pampalipas oras… fast paced at easy read. basa lang ng basa, di mo alam bababa ka na pala.

lumayo kayo! kumakain pa rin ako ng durian hanggang ngayon. hehehe.

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