handle ko ay “bluejay” – medyo baduy, then freddie coco suggested i change it to “jd transit”. hehehe… i was in rj around 1987 when it was still in the j&t bldg at santa mesa. around that time, i was still studying engineering at mapua (4th year).

after school (around 8:30 pm), i’d board a bus in front of the manila city hall and reach j&t around 9:30. i still had 30 minutes to get my cassetes (wala pang cd nung araw) and chat with “the red rooster” who had the 8-10 om slot (sadly, the red rooster died a couple of years ago – a pity, we was a great guy…) i got on board at 10:00 pm and finished at 2:00 AM. afterwards, i had to commute home in a jeep with the rest of the graveyard shift people – drunks, drug addicts, snatchers and hospitality girls.

it was great to work at the tower, especially in the late evenings. you’d see manila by night from up there and it was really beautiful. the city lights and the great music more than paid for my meager “allowance”. wala kasi akong suweldo eh… hehehe.

doubleA was the station manager, dante was the chief announcer, there was freddie coco, bob magoo, monster radio’s the gaucho (i forgot his name, damn – hehehe).

i spent a semester at rj – they fired me afterwards, hehehe… actually, they changed their format again and they fired everybody except dante.

in that short stint, i lost around 30 pounds becuase of the late nights every night except sunday. not to mention, the school work in the afternoon and evening. my grades started getting bad and it was time to make a career move. i chose engineering and left radio to my dad and brother.

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